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My name is Marcus Harvey and I have a passion for Portland. Growing up in the area I've always been attracted to the Portland energy and wanted to harness it into something new and tangible. Two years ago I started the @Portland Instagram page which has since grown to over 330,000 followers and counting. In managing and running the page I saw the pride that Portlanders had and started getting requests for shirts and items to show it. On black Friday of 2014 I launched the brand with two iconic t-shirts and two photos on the @portland page. In that first day I sold over 200 shirts to 4 countries and 10 states totally $5,000. Since then I've seen my products all over the world and have shipped a piece of Portland to every state and 35 countries. I want to create products that people actually enjoy wearing and sharing, and build a community around the city and its amazing people.


I've grown the @portland handle to over 330,000 followers and developed a new social scene for the city

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Portland gear

Show your Portland pride, with Portland gear. Designed, printed and manufactured in town.

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Portland native Marcus Harvey, a 2012 UO graduate, has turned his social media following into a business focused on hometown pride.